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Crash Course with Limor Schafman
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Technology, Innovation and Policy -
a Look Forward to 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009
11:00 AM ET

The Obama Administration has seamlessly established itself in office and is already putting its imprint on telecommunications, DTV transition, broadband extension, and national and international policy surrounding these issues.  This show will delve into what we can anticipate coming from the administration, implications of their policies, Congressional response, how technology innovation will be impacted, how enterprise and consumer markets will respond, and where the business opportunities lie in 2009.

Featured guests include:

  • Michael Petricone, SVP of Public Affairs for the Consumer Electronics Association
  • Jim Burger, partner with Dow Lohnes, specializing in Intellectual Property (music DRM a specialty), Telecommunications, Government Legislation and Relations
  • Gary Arlen, Arlen Communications - analyst in the cable, broadcast and digital media industries
  • Marty Stern, partner with K&L Gates specializing in antitrust and trade regulation, Asia telecom, media and technology

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February, 2009 - Technology, Innovation and Policy: A Look Forward to 2009
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